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The World Wide Web is a rich source of information for this subject. Here are some suggested sites. The first two are general guides with many links to other sites.
Ethics links on the Internet This directory is provided as a reference guide for persons concerned about moral problems. It contains a large list of ethics links provided by an independent body with a mission, which is to identify a worldwide consensus on what constitutes right conduct in the age of globalisation.
NBS HRM Resources on the Web-Business Ethics. This is a major source provided by the Dept. of HRM at Nottingham Business School. This link takes you straight to its ethics list.
The following sites focus on ethical theories and principles.
Ethics Updated, edited by l.M. Hinman, The Values Institute, University of San Diego. This site provides some helpful materials on all the major ethical theories and perspectives. It is a general ethics site rather than a business ethics site.
Business Open Learning Archive (The BOLA project), Business ethics resources, BrunelUniversityBrief materials on a wide range of theoretical and applied issues in business ethics.
Centre for Ethics and Business Some useful learning material on this site.
Transparency International This site publishes transparency index of countries every year., MyPHILIP/CW Web Site